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Hearing Professionals at Our Practice

Our practice has arranged to have Licensed Hearing Care Professionals available at our locations, for the convenience of our patients age 60 and older. Did you know that everyone reads lips to some extent? Have you ever noticed that it is more difficult to understand a conversation when the person who is speaking has his/her back to you or their face covered? It's true, we read lips, so when our hearing starts to diminish as well as our vision, our quality of life is compromised. It is because of the strong connection between vision and hearing that our practice is pleased to announce the availability of expanded hearing services for our patients. Call or email the Hearing Counselors at the contact information listed below and schedule your complimentary Hearing Evaluation.

Hearing Self Evaluation Tests

Do you miss parts of conversations or always ask to have the television made louder? Have you been told by a loved one or friend that you need to have your hearing tested? If you are approaching 60 or older, you may benefit from a hearing screening. Please feel free to take the short HEARING SELF TEST to determine if like many others, you would benefit from a hearing screening.

The Right Hearing Aid for Every Lifestyle

Our practice only carries high quality hearing aids available in the industry today. Our goal is to have our patients' needs evaluated, so they can be fit with the best product that will address their life style situations. Our practice offers convenient payment options as well as patient finance provided by Care Credit.

You should have your hearing checked if you: